Walgreens and Express Scripts

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Walgreens is always the first choice when we are buying any prescription medicines. They have a 24 hours of store hours and we are always thankful for their services. When i heard about the dispute from Express Scripts i was surprised because i never know they can do that to the customers all over United States of America. This Walgreens and Express Scripts feud will give the people who really depend their prescription medicines confuse and upset. Those people who are buying their medicines at Walgreens will be affected of this. They will feel bad about this feud.  Those Express Scripts customers who uses Walgreens as their pharmacy will have some problem specially if they live in a country where Walgreens is the only one pharmacy who is close to them. If you want to read about the press release the visit this link http://bit.ly/y6RTpL you will understand everything.

To ensure that you can save tons of money from buying at Walgreens you can join the Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens. The membership is just very low and you can pay for it. As you know Walgreens are supporting our troops but there are 250k Tricare beneficiaries who are trying to help Walgreens to be their choice of pharmacy. If you wants to help Walgreens try to contact their local media about supporting Walgreens against Express Scripts. You can follow Walgreens on Twitter and also Walgreens on Facebook to learn the results of this dispute. Voice out your opinion and help Walgreens.

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