Teaching Fashion to Kids

When you have a daughter, mothers could not seem to help dressing up their little ones with the most fashionable finds for little girls. The temptation is just too much especially if you read magazines and you frequent the children’s section of malls.

And of course, you also have those talent searches and fashion shows for young kids to blame. Haha Every season, designers, department stores, and kiddie shops hold fashion shows for kids in order to showcase their latest collection. While the kids are the target wearers, these events are actually targeted for parents who like buying these fashion pieces for their children. A lot of children clothing are already miniatures of adult designs. We also see matching accessories like bags, hats, socks, shoes, and belts for girls that are all like the minis of the adult designs. And our children look really lovely.

While in the past, people have thought that the tweens are starting too early, well now, the age of fashion has been moved further down because they now start as fashionable toddlers. Fashion is good but maybe parents should not overdo it, especially with young kids. We should still try to balance everything. We don’t want to teach them materialism at a very young age, right?

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