All Into Sports

Guest post by Jewel Cole

Having a big family means there are a lot of hobbies going on at any given time but one thing we all have in common is a mutual love for sports. AT any given time, someone’s out and about on a field or a court somewhere playing the game that they’re into at the moment. I got us HomeSecurityFamilyalarms for the house since there’s hardly ever a time when we’re home and the younger kids often just leave the doors unlocked because they don’t know any better. I guess that’s the plus and the minus of living in a neighborhood where there are tons of other kids trying to play at any moment of the day! I love how active my brothers and sisters are but there’s nothing to say they won’t all burn out their love for the games by the time they hit my age. I used to be really into gymnastics but when I hit 20 I decided I never wanted to have to go to a gym again!

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