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I always wanted to have a business online and it happened. Before i have this cello bag business i tried many things like selling beads jewelry but i found out its better to sell a bulk of beads than making and selling it. Then i tried to search online what really buyers and sellers going to buy. I noticed a cello bag store online that have many sells and i am excited to have mine set up. I tried to find suppliers of my cello bags so that i can resale it for affordable prices. I felt discourage sometimes in my mind i might going to fail.

September 2009 i started my small business online at etsy.com. At first i search how i gain customers and how to promote my business. In the first week i only have one item sold. Then, i started promoting it by going to different forums, joining the coversation and telling people what i sell. I also hosted many giveaways just to promote my store online. I paid few bloggers to review my business and also paid some sites to advertise my business. There are many ways how to promote your business you just need to be patient and be up to date if someone will going to contact you about your products. You should always love your customers let them feel that you are helping them. There are some problems occur just like shipping and mistakes of sending an item. As you can see in my store i have 100% feedback. I am always busy answering my customers request if they have questions you need to answer it as soon as possible or else you lost a customer. Also you need to ship the orders as soon as possible.

To handle a business is really hard specially i also have a family to take care and my blogging. It is good i have a helpful husband to help me in every step of the way. You need to spend time to promote and advertise your products. I even have a car door sticker advertising my business and i guess it works. I also giveaway complimentary gifts if my customer reach of a certain amount. I usually give a handmade greeting cards or a handmade earrings. Sometimes i compliment them a scrapbook embellishments and many other items. I also plan to get a toll free number so that my customer can contact me if they have a questions about their orders. There are many stores online that have this toll free numbers so soon i will have one. When i started this business i only have 7 items but now i have more than 20 items in my store. I know its hard to run your business but it is worthy to have it. Anyway, feel free to visit in etsy my username is momgen. If you need your product to look professional use my cello bags and if you have an item that needs a poly mailer i also have some. I hope to see you there and happy shopping.

I participated a blogger campaign in Bucs2blog and this post was sponsored by Grasshopper.com, a company that sells toll free numbers for businesses. I am compensated for this post but all the opinions and views are 100% mine.


wow! that business is so nice I do have business too before and I love handling business but Ihave to stop it because I can do it while doing another thing. :D

good for you gen and goodluck to your business:) It's really nice to have.

running a business is so much like taking care of a baby, it is a 24/7 job + i agree that it also works wonders to advertise, offer freebies + other promos + to provide good customer service.

good luck on your shop + i hope you sell loads of stuffs soon! :)

youre amazing momgen cos you really able to find your way in business world. ako dunno where to start. PE card sa metro ra gyud ako hibawan hehehe

HI Gen, me too, I've always wanted to open an online store.. but I need to spend time sewing first before I can go live..lol... I find your items very useful, maybe I should find some business that can make use of your cello... hehehe.. dropping by :)

wow! I never tried online business but I am interested. The problem is, I don't know what to sell. lol Good luck to your business Gen.

Good luck on your new venture! you can also sell them at craft fairs in your States.


Your indeed a super mom Gen. Good Luck sa imong business. I try to look your name in Etsy..Momgen..Wala lage mag-appear.

a toll free number is a good investment for your business especially if you have international clients. goodluck :)

Jen really you did a brilliant work.I read your post complete.I pray to god that he will fulfill your all dreams.

I'm operating a online business and I deal in rugs n shawls.I do regular changes in products as customer demands.I'm happy business person and my sale are going high every month.I love social media n it help me a lot.

Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. I dream of having my own online biz too.

Wow!it is very good.I also want to open my small business online.It's really an amazing.I like your blog.

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