Handmade Thank You Cards

I tried to make mini thank you cards again and i make a few with matching handmade envelopes. I still have more to make just a time is short. The cards are made of orange flower patterned paper, with orange ribbon. I hand stamped thank you using the stampin pad dusty durango water based dye ink. Inside is left blank for a personalized message. If you are interested i will list it in my Zibbet store. Hope to see you there.


those are pretty little cards...i love 'em. am sure you will sell loads once you put it up in your online shop :)

Wow!These hand made cards are really superb.I like it.Today is the world of internet,people send card through net but such has special attention always..

this is the world of technology so nobody is having their attention towards the homemade things.But still there is something that attract a buyer to buy these thing and that thing is love and dedication that is used in making these homemade things.

i was also trying to make hand made post cards but my post cards was not so much pretty as these are.

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