Finding dorm decor to match my son's personality

Guest post written by Debbie Walker

I'm one of those moms that knows all about video games because of my son. He simply plays them all the time and has always preferred them to other forms of entertainment. Now, he also plays sports and things like that so it's not actually all that he does. But still, you could say that I'm a cool mom because every once in a while I'll play him and actually hold my own with my video game playing skills. So I thought that he should make sure that he's at home in his college dorm room when he moves in next week by bringing in some decorations that remind him of his favorite games.

Now, I told him that he could only take one gaming system with him to make sure that he would actually get his studying done. I was looking online trying to find some video game decorations for him when I came across the website I showed it to my husband and after that we decided to change over our home internet service to it.

I actually found some cool video game posters that got my son's approval, so I think that he'll feel more at home.

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