This blog post is to honor the men and women behind the very popular TV series ER (or short for emergency room). It was a medical drama that was watched by many people all over the world. ER was created in September 1994 that was created by a famed novelist, Michael Crichton, and was aired on NBC. The setting was in a fictional hospital in Chicago, Illinois called the Country General Hospital. Sadly, the show ended in April 2009 after 15 seasons, but by far, it was the long-running prime time drama with the medical theme in American TV.

One of the famous products of the show was George Clooney. In recent years, actors came and went, depending on their performance on the show as well as the public’s acceptance. They all just looked so good in their medical nursing scrubs that were probably sourced from

Many newer medical drama productions followed the footsteps of ER but nothing can compare to them. All in all, the ER has had 124 nominations from the Emmy and has won 23 of them. The show was just that good. And it is sad that it had to come to an end. Oh well, some good things never last, like in the case of ER.

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