For Identification Purposes

House address plaques are very useful in identifying our houses from among the many in our villages. This will give the postman and the delivery men a good guide where they will deliver the goods that we ordered or the mails that we received. At least there is no confusion, especially now that cul de sac homes are very common and one wrong turn will send you to another dimension.

Additionally, there are addresses in a locality that are made up only of numbers and everything is pretty much the same, except that they can only be differentiated based on their appendages, for example: First Street, First Road, First Avenue, and the like. And all of them are found in a single section of the city. Imagine that! That could be really confusing. But if you have an address plaque with the homeowners’ last name written on it, so at least everything is clear.

However, there are instances that people do not put address signs on their houses because they do not want to be found for one reason or another. Well that is their choice and we can’t do anything about it. But per se, these identification markers are really useful if we put them up.

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