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Hubby and I are both self-employed. We keep our receipts separately but we filled the tax together. Hubby got the farm stuffs and mine are the blogging and my stores online. We always have troubles in sorting our receipts even though we have our own drawers to keep our receipts in there but our problem is if we need to find some receipts we cannot find it quick instead it will takes a long time. Well, i am planning to buy a receipt sorter or a receipt organizer that will make our invoice/receipts in order. I am not very organize person as well as hubby. Need to find the affordable and economical invoice organizer soon....Do you have that problem too?

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analou said...

My husband is the one who always keep the receipts and he records its at least twice a week. If he will let me keep it, I am sure it will just get lost...I am not good at organizing.


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