Written by my friend Judson Kelly

My brother asked me last week what I wanted for my birthday, and I just wasn't sure what to tell. I had recently moved to a small ranch outside of town and my days were consumed by trying to get this place in working order. I certainly couldn't ask him for a new tractor or to help me fix my fence, so I decided to tell him to sign me up for compare mobile broadbandso I can stay connected to the outside world out here in my own little oasis. He was actually really thrilled that I gave him such a good suggestion, and he went out and bought the service two whole days before my birthday! It's been really nice keeping in touch with my family and friends even when I don't see them for a couple weeks at a time, and having Internet out here is crucial since I'm constantly looking for new vendors for farm equipment. I love living way out here on my own and having technology to keep in touch is definitely no longer optional.

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Rebecca Watson said...

thats super cool! What an awesome idea!


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