Pink Pearls

Since 5 years ago i am fascinated of making beads jewelry and the pearls are my favorite beads. I tried to buy some of it and store in a beads box. I started to make some earrings, bracelets, and necklaces but after a year i quit and just make it when i feel like it. I usually make now for my supplies costumers who can reach the amount from $20 and up. I compliment them for some beads jewelry but i am out so yesterday i tried to bring it in the farm in case i am not busy there i can make some. But when we went home after our blueberry packing i forgot that i put the boxes of beads inside the cabinet in the pack house. Oh well, i will going to get it Tuesday when we come back for our picking again. Anyway, here are a picture of the pink pearl....See you around.


How are you going to wear thigh high boots with a dress that is a few inches above the knee. Won't the dress go over the boots? You're better off with boots that are below the knee. At least that's my opinion.

that's a great hobby...i'm sure you have lovely designs! and i love pearls...visiting late from PF, sorry! have a great week! :)

I love pink pearls, they're not "cheesy" at all. Pink would be great for Valentine's Day since pink is such a sweet color. They can be worn day or night, as long as they match the color they're worn with.

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