Flower Garden

How are you today? I really impress for a friend of mine who has this pretty flower garden. When you will go to her house you will also like it because she has many flowers and fruit trees in her yard. She has different kinds of flowers and fruits. Anyway, thanks for coming...


Stopping by from the Wednesday Hop to say hello and to follow.
Have a great day!

Any flower that has red in it is a friend of mine!


“If forced to make choices,” she said,
“I’d go for the crimson and red.
I’d let go of green,
(Some think it’s obscene),
Embracing magenta instead.”

Dancers in Red

How lovely! I thoroughly enjoy seeing other people's landscaping designs and enjoy gleaning new ideas to share with my mom for her senior gardening projects. Thank you for a delightful visit.

Gen, that's beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us! I love the birdbath!

I'm definitely loving that flower garden also..all my favorites are in there..even the rocks..love using rocks in my garden...

my wife wants me to make a flower garden for her, which ok with me. now the problem, can anyone tell how many #40 bags of top soil it will take to fill a 3foot diameter and 10 inchs deep? thank you

Wow, this flower garden is very lovely and beautiful by the way in this pic the efforts are clearly shown made by the honor of this garden.

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