Red And White Azalea

Do you like flowers? Yes i like flowers but seems it will not last very long time inside our house. Maybe need more light or a water perhaps? Oh well, i took the azaleas when we have a visit to our neighborhood. There are so many azalea flowers everywhere in our place. We have pink azaleas beside our house and they looks so pretty. I like the red and white azalea they look beautiful flowers. Anyway, thanks for coming and have a wonderful day to all.


Yes, I love and enjoy all flowers. The red ones you shard today are very pretty.

I love Azaleas. I wish they bloomed longer.

Very pretty....ours are not even close to blooming!!! hugs...cleo

Thanks for sharing your thoughts...

My they are just glorious!!! How I love the colours..sure would love them in my yard,,

Beautiful flower Pic !

What a pretty garden spot. A terrific day brightener.

Those are gorgeous - something my senior mom would love to add to her gardening projects. And perfect for Rednesday :)

Very pretty
I don't think I've ever seen an azalea that red.
Best Carolyn

Red and white, just stunning.

White azaleas are not my favorite color, but mixed with the red, they are enchanting!


I’m heels over head
In love with Red,
There’s nothing that I won’t do
To let you all know
I love Red so—
Nothing, of course, against you!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Blazing Ocotillo

I love azaleas. I'm partial to the bright pink and red ones. Ours are not blooming yet. :(

Oh, those are just gorgeous!

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