Snowy Day - Monday Mingle

Today when i woke up i saw many snow outside. My son loves to go out and play with it. He wants to build a castle on the snow. I will let him do that today since he wants it. The temperature is getting lower since i woke this morning. I guess it is already low 20 degrees outside and our temperature inside the house is 70 degrees. Anyway, thank you for coming today and i have few surprises soon...

Thanks also to Tough Cookie Mommy for hosting the Monday Mingle. See you...


baga baga jd d i ang snow diha gen sa

What a beautiful photo! We too got snow last night, but today is nearly 50* and melted!

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Thanks for following my blog, I'm following yours now too!!

What a lovely house and photo! That is exactly one of the things that I hate about snow, it is so gorgeous when it first falls and then creates all kinds of problems. Thanks for participating in Monday Mingle, I love seeing you there!

We've got snow too! And freeeeeezing cold (Denver). Here from Mommy D's mystery hop.

following you!


Following you back!! Hope you're having a great day!

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