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My husband and I love to watch shows together, it’s one of the things that brought us together in the first place. We’re really into all the AMC shows ever since we got our DIRECTV Receiver and I know my husband loved Walking Dead probably more than any other show that’s ever been on TV. I’m more of a Mad Men girl myself and I’m SO happy it’s time for it to come back on air – it seems like it’s been off for decades! Anyway, AMC is just doing wonders with good TV nowadays and I can’t believe it used to be a total old folks channel. I think some of the best TV on the airwaves is coming from them but you know, I don’t make the shows, I just watch them, so I don’t really have a leg to stand on when it comes to being a critic. I just know what I like and what I like right now is on AMC!

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we always do watch shows together.. more romantic..


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