Work Vacay

Contribution by Saul Martin

What a week. I spent Monday through Wednesday in Philly speaking on the do’s and do not’s of our new Biofusion Blood Test. Riviting, I know. Besides eating incredible food, I am all but sick of that city. Once a week, every week, I get on a stuffy plane and put on a miserable business suit to stand in front of three thousand geeks who are enamored with this product. I find it interesting, yes, but I would much rather be curled up in that hotel king-sized bed scrolling through the DIRECT TV Guide with a bowl of ice cream in hand. So, last Wednesday, I did just that. I called my boss and explained that I needed an extra day in Philly to go through my expense report before flying home, called the front desk to extend my stay and then called room service for a nice little spread of cheese and wine charged to Siemens Inc. Then, I ordered sappy romantic comedies with the remote and nestled into the cold, perfect hotel sheets. Who says you can’t have a vacation on a work trip?

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