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A trustworthy book rental company, Campus Book Rentals is teaming up with a pristine charity, Operation Smile and are donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need. Campus Book Rentals has been helping students save money on expensive textbooks since 2007, and Operation Smile has been offering free surgeries to less fortunate children since 1982.
This is really a win/win situation for everyone. Not only do students get books for a fraction of the retail price, but children born with facial deformities will be given the chance to smile, eat and socialize.

So here is the deal, for each order you place with a portion of the money you spend will be donated to Operation Smile. So, not only are you paying less for textbooks, you are getting free shipping both ways, a 30 day trial period, and the largest book selection in the nation. Once you have rented your books, the money will then be donated to Operation Smile, where trusted doctors can take over and help children around the world.
Without donations from sponsors and others, Operation Smile would not be able to perform these life saving surgeries. That is right, these surgeries are in fact life saving, since without them it is impossible for these children to eat and carry on with day to day life.
This really takes little effort on your part, and in fact will save you money on your next textbook purchase.

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i also have to give my room rent..


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