Happy Mother's Day To All Mom

Today is a special day for all moms. To all mothers out there i want to great you a very enjoyable Mother's Day. We will going to a mother's day party at our church get together this afternoon so i know we will be enjoying it. Have a blessed day to all.


Happy Mother's Day! I hope you enjoyed the party and time with your family :)

My mom outside my country and our country celebrating Mother day, should send to her gift or wait until the country she live in celebrate in mother day?

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate all of the influential women in your life -- from your mother, to your wife, your mother-in-law, grandmothers, sisters and aunts so do something special for all those at this special day.

Mother's day is a very special day at which i made so much special things for my mother and my mother like them so much.

I am looking for a traditional greeting and the closest mother's day wish as written in Taiwanese and Hokkien as used in Taiwan. Please also include the phonetic if possible. - Thank you

Really it is a great day for the guys and the mothers also to become a successful on the world . so in keep happy mothers day to all of the mothers.

mother day is celebrate honour of our mother who born us and given us lot of love .we memorize her care. we must celebrate these mother day .

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