Gen Handmade Giveaway Winners

The time is come to announce our winners. I am sorry my friends if it takes a long time to announce our winners for the Gen Handmade Giveaways since i am busy with a lot of things in the house also online. To all who joined the giveaway thank you so much for the effort but only 5 people can win. I will have another giveaway and hoping you will join. Here are the winners....

First Prize: Vernz

2nd Prize1: Cacai

2nd Prize2: Mae

2nd Prize3: Jared's Mom

3rd Prize: VintageLovingMom

To all winners I send you emails for your home address Congratulations...


congrats to d winners!!!

il track my luck nx tym!

Gay basin sunod ikaw modaug..

Yay! Thanks so much for such a great giveaway. I can't wait to see my goodies!

Much blogging love,
The Vintage Loving Mom

wow.. am one of the winners! Woohoo! Thanks much for this giveaway Te Gen.. muahhh!

ay second mn diay ko.. heheh! Sent my address na diay Te Gen sa gmail. Thanks mucho!

yeheeeyyy.. sorry Gen.. kay natulog sa pancitan ang winner... ahihih.. salamat kaayo..

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