Azalea Festival And A friend

Last year a friend of mine visited us and stayed for the whole month and help us harvested our blueberry. I do not know if she will come this year to pick but she is a little far from us. She live in Chatanoga, GA and working part time in a tailoring shop. She looks good on her purple and black skirt with white and purple blouse.

The picture below was taken yesterday when we went to the festival. I tried to talk to the sellers and give my business cards so that they can buy cello bags from my store online. I give a few and we enjoyed looking the different stuffs in there. There are many people came sort like fiesta...Anyway, i foot was so soar of walking and Nathan was crying so we went home maybe 7pm yesterday.

mytotsexactly CIB Monday


That's really. I don't remember if I ever did wear a long black skirt. I wish I can go to festivals or county/state fair so I can enjoy what they offer. Mine is up - My Chic in Black Entry

miagi ra diay mi sa inyo Gen pag-anha namo :) ... if i knew pwede ra ta to mo stop by da. :)

I like the skirt. I love long skirts, especially black ones :)

Nice idea to give out your business cards when you were strolling around in the festival. That's business and pleasure combined.

Thanks for joining Chic In Black Monday. Hope to see you again next week. Have a great week ahead.

very festive... i love the black skirt! mine is up

Hmmm, I haven't wear my black skirt for years. Thanks for reminding me :)

I think it has been ages since I last wear skirt (7 years ago nung preggy pa me hehehhe)...I am very partial to pants..

Mine is up at KCAT Can.

I don't think I can pull off a long black skirt either... your friend wears it well. :) Happy CIB!

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