Thrifty Thursday Bloghop And A Giveaway Invitation

How are you today? Well, i am late of posting my bloghop post since i have many things to consider first. First i want to invite you to my first giveaway here in my blog it starts already and it will end this coming March 31 the birthday of my son. You can find it in my other post or click here. This is just the first one but i will have another giveaway soon. The picture below are the books i bought in the library when they sale some books. They are very cheap imagine $.25 for the kids books and $.50 for the other books. My son love all of his books. Anyway, thank you very much for coming.

4 Nice Notes:

VintageLovingMom said...

Hi, I'm now following back from the blog hop. I will be sure to enter your great giveaway!


Tammy said...

I am returning the favor too. Thanks for leaving a comment!

Frenchy said...

Following you back ! Have a great week end and Happy Birthday to you son :)

Jen said...

thanks for finding me, following you back!


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