Shadow Shot Sunday

It is another day of the week time to share the Shadow Shot Sunday. The picture below was taken Saturday afternoon. Hubby wants to give our son a treat to play in one of the parks in our place. So we come to this little park in which you can find it at the middle of the town. according to hubby the owner of the land donated the land to the city so that it will become a little park for the kids to play. My son enjoying the slide with the little warm temperature. Have a wonderful weekend. See you.


What a fun shadow shot for the day! I love it! Hope your weekend is going well! Enjoy! Thank you for the smile!


That's lovely! And how nice it was that somebody kindly donated the land!

It's great kids have a place to play in the city.
Here in Casa situation is bad. No such parks. Here parks are not taken care, they are dirty and nothing to play with...
In our house above us, three kids under school age are mainly at home and we can hear them! :)
Happy Sunday!

Ahhhhhhhhhh, looks like a lot of fun!!! Also, a nice, cool retreat from the hot sun.

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