Rednesday - Blueberries

You might surprise the look of my blog. Well, i am bored of the old layout i just want a new one to have. I tried to find a layout online and tweak it to my own taste. So i did it for at least 5 hours of tweaking the code to look like now. Anyway, it is time for Rednesday...The picture below was taken during our harvest not this year since we will start harvesting this coming last week of May until mid July. They are fresh blueberries from our little farm. Love to pick some come visit us....


I love anything blueberry, and especially pie! But I hate picking them. When I was little, I would go to a blueberry farm with my parents, and it always seemed like it was the hottest day of the year. And a long drive too. But then we had berries for months and months, and my Mom made some pretty great pies!
Happy REDnesday!

The colors of your shots are wonderful! The berries bring out the red.

Oh my, that is enough blueberries to take a bath in!!
I LOVE fresh blueberries. I eat them by the bowlful when they are in season!

from your thumb nails, I thought they were pebbles on the road.

Yummy berries, good for pavlovas.

Wow! I'd love to wallow in those berries!

Beautiful shot!

I like the spring time look of your layout.

I have blueberries on my cereal each and every morning. And they're usually the frozen variety. SO wish I had some of yours!

those blueberries look absolutely delicious. If I lived closer, I would come and pick my own..yummy!

Love all the blueberries! I can't wait for blueberry season around here. We have a ton of wild blueberries at our cabin in northern Michigan.

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