Share A Thrift Hunt And Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop

How are you today? I am a bit late but it is better late than never right? I found the Share a Thrift Hunt when i blog hop to my friend's blog. I am glad i can join the group of thrifty hunters. Anyway, i have this wire tray that i bought in Thrift Store in our place for $1.95. I bought this last year and i put some of my rubber stamps and punches. It was a cute wire tray and i enjoyed it...I want to link this entry to share a thrift hunt and thrifty Thursday blog hop.

Thrift Hunting Meme


thanks for dropping by! oh, the wire basket was really nice accessories to have at home to organized things...i will love to have one! happy thrifting...thank you again!

That's a steal! And it's very pretty. I likey very much.

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