Welcome Wednesday And Handmade Wednesday

How are you this Wednesday? Well, i wanted to share the Mini Thank You cards with matching envelopes that I make last two days ago. I did not put this yet to my stores online but i will do it maybe today after my pregnancy check-up. They are great for a gift enclosure, a quick note, a lunch box note, or maybe if you have a wedding shower it can be the thank you note. This cards measures 2" x 3". If interested i can reserved it for you. I have more than what is in the picture. See you again...

I thank the host Take It From me for hosting the Welcome Wednesday. If you like to join just click the banner below.

I thank also to Blue Eyed Blessings and Crocheted Little Things for hosting the handmade Wednesday...If you have a store or blog just join the fun.

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mskanorado said...

Your stuff is darling! You have gained a new follower! :)


mskanorado said...

PS. I found you through Take it From Me's Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop!

Crocheted Little Things said...

Absolutely glad to follow you back :)

anne said...

found you through welcome wednesday. I am your newest follower. would love to have you follow back!

Liberty said...

Thanks for stopping by! You are so talented. :) I'm following you now as well.

Julia & Cori said...

Thanks so much for linking up with Handmade Wednesday and promoting it on your blog!!

We're following you!!


I'm now following you blog. Please follow me back at http://MalindaWinkle.blogspot.com

I follow back anyone who follows my blog!


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