Shadow Shot Sunday #1

I decided to join a meme that will share a picture of anything you took. I like taking pictures so this Shadow Shot Sunday is perfect for some of my pictures. I want to share the picture of the maple trees last fall. That was the trees of our neighbor in the farm. When we pass that i told hubby to turn around the car so that i can get a better shot of the maple trees. I did it and here they are very pretty. Anyway, thank you for coming by and have a wonderful day.


Welcome to Shadow Shot Sunday - you will soon find that it is addictive - you will see shadows everywhere you go! A lovely shadow shot - and I love the colours of the trees!

Those maple trees are so pretty! Thanks so much for joining in Shadow shot Sunday :)

Beautiful....colorful photo!! Wow.

Selena Statue on the Bay


Hope your day is a happy one.

I also love the Autumn foliage and miss it though. But for now I am looking for spring some green on the ground I think I am so done with cold and all white around hehe. Thanks for the visit!
Scenic Sunday Shadow

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